EMPOWER aligns all systems to support 
Competency-Based Education.


Decades of experience, decades of research. CBE is our mission
and our tools and pedagogical expertise are 
designed and proven to ensure your success
 from the foundation up.

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Tools to support ALL stakeholders.

  • A full-blown LMS with a competency-based grade-book, dynamic instructional design tools and powerful reporting and analytics. Our goal is to do the heavy lifting so that teachers can focus on what they love and what only teachers can do: engaging with learners and taking them to higher levels of rigor in their learning. 

  • The first-ever Competency-Based Teacher Evaluation Platform. Efficient and accurate goal setting and observation tools take the mystery out of developing excellent talent. Use Dr Marzano's Teacher and School Indicators or build your own into the system.


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Our success is married to yours. That's why we are committed to being your partner in this journey.


We are proud to offer pedagogical PD & Consulting Services led by Dr. Marzano and our team of experienced practitioners. 

Accelerate your implementation with fidelity on our Implementation Roadmap supported by experts whose mission is to help you transform learning and Democratize Human Potential. 

  • Comprehensive Implementation Planning

  • Continued Coaching

  • Pedagogical PD

  • Manuals and Resources

  • Topical Webinars


We have captured and distilled decades of research and experience to deliver to you no matter how you learn best.

  • The Marzano Implementation Manual is a synthesis of best practices in everything it takes to make your vision a reality

  • The Marzano Compendium expounds in detail on the Teacher and School Indicators that drive highly reliable schools.

    Not to mention...

  • Video Resources

  • Print Materials

  • Blogs


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