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Corona District Contingency Planning:
Anytime/Anywhere Learning & Accountability with Empower


  No doubt you are deeply engaged in contingency planning for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please take note of a few resources from Empower Learning in support of this work. As schools suspend on-site operations and potentially move to distance learning, the Empower platform provides viable functionality for learning to continue at home. 


  1. ARTICLE - Anytime/Anywhere Learning (Empower Critical Functionality):  Please visit this article for a detailed overview of functionality that is in place to support distance learning in your plan. Video resources are available to support your staff in their implementation.

  2. OVERVIEW WEBINAR & Q/A - Empower will host 2 free webinars for leaders working on district contingency plans as follows. The purpose of the webinar is to provide an overview of functionality that should/could be included in your districts distance contingency plans. As well, we will open up a Q&A opportunity to gain further clarity on your unique needs as we work to support our client districts. 


    1. Zoho Showtime Meeting: Tuesday March 17th @ 2pm EDT

    2. Zoho Showtime Meeting:  Friday March 20th @ 2 pm EDT


  1. Seat Time & Attendance Accountability:  Several partner clients have contacted us regarding the need to provide alternative/distance attendance reporting. We are actively developing solutions which we anticipate rolling out in a very short time. Time will be allocated to discuss and gather input from users at the webinars above.


Please note we are readily available for additional needs as they arise. Please feel free to contact me direct at and I will be happy to facilitate you to the proper support channel.  In the meantime, thank you for the good work you do for kids and all my best as we work through this situation.


John A. Caesar

Empower Learning

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