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Take a tour of the Marzano Growth Calculator and learn everything you need to know, from creating a free account to comparing test reliabilities across multiple classrooms.

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No more waiting for state test results to accurately gauge student growth, when
it's too late for meaningful intervention. Calculate reliabilities of teacher-created classroom assessments in a single classroom or across multiple classrooms.

Recorded Webinar on
Marzano Growth Calculator.

Student Learning

Using Classroom Assessments

A Transfomations in Testing

By Robert J. MarzanoEmpower Learning

Read the White Paper by
Dr. Robert Marzano

Dig into the research and theory that underlies this novel approach to determining mastery.

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Personal Support from Dr. Marzano

Dr. Marzano will guide your team in the setup and use of the Calculator, and help your team interpret the results of a customized report based on your data.

Guidance and support include:


Creating a proficiency scale for a unit of instruction that will be taught by a group of teachers.


Creating a common pretest and posttest using the proficiency scale.


Administering and scoring the pretest at the beginning of the unit and posttest at the end of the unit.


Having teachers create and score their own interim classroom assessments.


For each student, computing the most precise estimate of their true scores using mathematical models.


Computing growth scores that are comparable across students.

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