True Competency-Based Education
Training & Consulting Topics

Dr. Robert Marzano
and his CBE team

In a given day or session, we can cover one or more of the below topics.


Contact us to discuss your PD goals, the audience, etc.


Together we will create a training plan that is tailored for you and your team.


Strategic implementation planning for CBE Transformation

Explore critical systems and capacity development needs to customize your school and/or district CBE Implementation Plan, with a focus on continuous improvement that will sustain over time.


Measurement topics and proficiency scales

Learn how to translate state standards into topics (referred to as measurement topics) that form the basis of a competency-based system and how to articulate those topics into progressions of learning.


Assessment in

a CBE system

Learn how assessment should be approached so as to reliably determine each student’s level of proficiency for each measurement topic.


Record keeping and reporting in a CBE system

Learn the various options for reporting student status and growth that include traditional (i.e., transcripts, report cards) and nontraditional (i.e., pace of learning) methods of reporting.


Developing student agency in a CBE system

Learn specific strategies for enhancing students agency and efficacy.


Instruction in a CBE system

Learn how instruction in a CBE system is similar and different from instruction in a traditional system and how to transform a traditional instructional system into a CBE system.


Teacher feedback and evaluation in a CBE system

 Learn why evaluating teachers in  a competency-based classroom using an evaluation system for a traditional classroom does not suffice to provide valid feedback to teachers. Also learn the rudiments of a teacher evaluation system that is specific to competency-based classrooms.



in a CBE system

Learn the fundamental elements school leaders must foster and monitor to develop effective competency- based schools.


Operating from a high reliability perspective

in a CBE system

Learn how to apply the principles of high reliability organizations (HROs) to competency-based education.


Grouping, regrouping

and scheduling

in a CBE system

Learn why tradition scheduling practice cannot accommodate the fluid grouping that must occur in a competency-based system along with current best practices in competency-based grouping.


Teaching cognitive skills in a CBE system

Learn the nature of cognitive skills and how they can and should be taught in a competency-based system.


Teaching metacognitive skills in a CBE system

Learn the nature of metacognitive skills and how they can and should be taught in a competency-based system.


Collective responsibility in a CBE system

Learn how an effective competency-based system breaks the traditional mold of one teacher with one classroom in such a way that students receive guidance, support, and feedback from multiple teachers in a school.


Cumulative review

in a CBE system

Learn a technique referred to as “cumulative review” which helps ensure that students have adequate preparation for state and national tests in a such a way that it blends into regular instruction and enhances the competency-based curriculum.

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