Conferencing with Empower

How to pull up a Learner's Home Page, Progress Report, or Class Log through the Class Roster Video Directions

1. After getting logged into Empower 3.0, left-click on the Reporting Tab (A), select the class/group (B), and then left-click on “Class/Group Roster” (C).

2. From the roster view, left-click on the student that you wish to look at and then left-click on home page, progress report, or class log for what you would like to view and show to the parent during the conference.

How to read the online Progress Report

*Your Online Progress Report may look slightly different as different districts use different features, language and metrics. This is simply an example.

Printing Progress Reports

Here's a simple way to get a printout of the online progress report.

Not all Printable Progress Reports may be available on your site. Site Administrators can request different reports be made available via our helpdesk.

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