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Updated: Apr 9, 2018

The Short Version

Besides the classes that may come automatically from the district, teachers can create custom groups of students for use in Empower. Look for

the + sign to the left of the group selection drop down and fill out the form.

The first few minutes of this video cover this.

The Full Version

Logged in as a teacher, you need to be on the scoring tab. Look for the green plus sign next to the group dropdown.

Pressing that will take you to a form. Fields with * are required. Let's talk about each field:

  • Group Name*: The title which will appear to all users who interact with this group

  • Group Description: Tell a little more about this group.

  • Focus Area*: What will you mainly be instructing in this group? Don't worry, you'll still be able to do cross-content design and scoring. This simply lets Empower make helpful suggestions where possible.

  • Start/End dates*: The dates on which this group will be visible to users.

Pro Tip: If your group suddenly disappears, it is probably because this end date has passed. You can always access groups from the past by rolling back the date on your scoring tab.

  • Would you like to add more group leaders?: Add co-teachers who will be able to access and edit this group just like you do. Simply start typing their name and then select them from the list that appears. To remove them, click the X next to their name.

  • Would you like others to be able to find and join your group?: Here you can offer your group to students to find and join. Select if they need to be approved and set the number of maximum students you can manage in this group. Once you save, your group will be able to be found by students.

  • Would you like to select specific learners to add to your group?*: This is the heart of the matter. You can filter the list of students whom you can add to your group. Filter by school site, grade level and other groups and demographics. The students will appear in a list on the left called "Learner's Not In Group." Click on the name(s) you want to include in your class and use the arrows to send them to the right into the list entitled "Learners In Group."

Pro Tip: If you hold down Ctrl, you can select multiple students. If you hold down Shift, you can select a range of students.

That's it! Press save and you'll see your group in the dropdown menu. Next to your group you'll see a pencil and a trash can. Use the pencil to edit the group and the trash can to delete it.

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