Empower Admin Quick Start Guide

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

What have you gotten yourself into?! Jk, this will be no sweat! We're here with you step by step. What are those steps that you should be thoughtful about as an Empower Site Administrator?

  • Site Setup

  • User Data

  • Standards

  • Go Live & User Launch

  • Professional Development

  • Continuing Support

and away... we... go!

Site Setup

There's a lot you can do to customize Empower to support your particular vision. Change vocabulary. Most vocab in Empower can be changed by admin users. Be aware of how the length of vocabulary may effect formatting on different tools.

Score AutomationRead all about it here. Let us know in the Helpdesk if you want any changes. Report set up


A built-in way to facilitate user questions. Read about it here.

User Data

In most cases it is possible for Empower to communicate with your SIS (Student Information System) so that Empower can pull user data at regular intervals. This prevents districts from needing to do double entry as student populations fluxuate. Read all about that here.

If you need to, you can create teachers and guardians and students manually.

Standards Creation & Management

Empower is a standards-based system, so having the standards in at least a semi-final state is really important before getting users invested in building content and giving scores according to the standards.

Learn how in this video:

Go Live & User Launch

When the above is done, you're ready to welcome users in. Credentials

  • If your users have gmail addresses attached to their Empower accounts, they can log in with the Google Single Sign On button on the Empower's login page.

  • If not, then the best way may be to find the username convention (probably FirstnameLastname) and set a default password for all accounts. Check and manage that in this tool.

Quick Start

Professional Development

How do you learn? We're here for it. OnsiteWe can come to you! Contact your Empower rep for prices and availability

Virtual SessionsEat the elephant one bite at a time. We'd love to have a free consultation with you to create a custom PD plan to meet your needs a few hours at a time. Here's a template:

ReadCurl up with a good article! Lots of subjects available on our blog and our FAQ WatchOur YouTube playlist is packed with tutorials. Guided

As mentioned above, Empower has all of its resources built in and users can follow our recommended steps for learning while logged in, search for guided help and access all of our other resources right from Empower.

Continuing Support

As long as you're using Empower, we're here to support you. Helpdesk

Technical needs and other questions you don't know the answer to can be elevated to our helpdesk. Read more here. Your Rep

When it doubt, reach out. Online Resources

Articles Tutorial Videos Need Help? Button FAQ

You can do it! We are here to help.

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