Empower Teacher Quick Start Guide

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Welcome to Empower!

Empower is like the Batmobile. It has a lot of cool, powerful tricks when you need them. But you probably feel intimidated to drive it and, for now, you just need something to take the kids to baseball and get milk at the store.

This quick-start guide will walk you through those "Honda Civic" tools so you can have Empower up and running in minimal time. To that end, we will be focusing on only the Scoring Tab of Empower in this article.

You have access to a ton of other resources. Be a self-directed learner and you'll be feeling like Batman in no-time. Before we dive in...

If you want an overview of the basics in Empower, this video is a good intro. Then you may better know what you do and don't want to dig into moving forward.

Step 1: Create a Group A Group is simply a set of learners. Creating a group is as easy as this:

Learn more about groups:Watch the Tutorial Video

Read the full User Guide article

Check out the One-Sheet

Step 2: Create a Gradebook

A Gradebook in Empower is a set of Measurement Topics (standards). Your group will provide the rows of your scoring workspace and the gradebook will be the columns. In other words, which standards are you wanting to work on and with which learners? Here's a gif of how, but don't miss the other resources after it if you want more details.

Learn more about gradebooks:Watch the Gradebook Tutorial Video

Watch the Target Browser Tutorial Video

Check out the Gradebook One-Sheet Check out the Target Browser One-Sheet

Target Browser, labeled

With that, you're ready to...

Step 3: Score Standards Make sure your scoring switch is flipped to Score Standards.

Now scoring is easy as pie. Select a score from the toolbar and paint it into a cell.

Learn more about Standard Scoring:Watch the Summative Scoring Tutorial Video

Check out the Summative Scoring One-Sheet

You did it! With that, you can print a simple progress report! Still want more? Where should I go from here?Don't forget all the other resources we told you about at the start. "Be more specific," you say? Next, we recommend that you dig into scoring evidence.

You'll want to know how to add quick evidence for sure...

After that, learn how to design and deliver instruction...

The Scoring and Instruction tabs work in beautiful harmony and offer you some added power when used as a one-two punch. The relationships are charted out here:

The End Goal

...is probably to print progress reports. More on that elsewhere.

Good Job! Now get out there and personalize the heck out of your classroom!

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