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What's going well? Give yourself some credit! You've come a long way. You're doing the right thing for students and it isn't always easy. Any gains you have made are a big deal. Good on ya, mate! What challenges need to be addressed? Do your stakeholders need more training either in Empower or in the pedagogy?

Be sure to take advantage of our helpdesk for any technical needs.

Perhaps you can find help in one of our resources. You Empower representative is eager to help, so make your needs known. Do you have a SMART plan?

It is important to have the will and the moral buy-in for this work. It is important to have the technology and the tools. It is important to understand the philosophy. But that all comes to naught without a good plan.

If you don't have a District Learning Plan, we would love to take the time with you to create one. Free of charge. We will discuss your vision and goals, your timetable and milestones and set a solid plan to help make you the local hero who changed education!

What are the next steps in that planIs it in motion? Are the dates set?

Do you have the latest updates from Empower?


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