Flow Chart: Readiness to Report

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

1. Progress Report Examples

View them here.

Pick a report or multiple reports and request them to be added to your site via our helpdesk.  If you'd like to discuss any of them further, or discuss making some custom changes, contact your Empower Customer Service Rep.

2. Courses 

Course Overview Tutorial Video


a) Create Playlists (Tutorial Video) (User Guide)       b) Admins need to set the playlist a course. (Tutorial Video)       c) Teachers need to assign that official course playlist to their students. (Tutorial Video) (User Guide)

3. Summative Scores

Summative Decisions and Scoring Tutorial Video

4. Progress Periods

Create Progress Period Tutorial Video

5. Progress Report Pace and Comments

Progress Report Comment and Manual Pace Tutorial Video If you do not have any of the options in this tool which you want for your site, let us know in a helpdesk ticket and we can get them turned on. 

6. Resource Editor Tutorial Video

Resource Editor Tutorial Video. Learn how to change some of the labels including the URL

7. Change Site Administrator

Change Site Administrator Tutorial Video

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