Standards Annotated: Creation/ New Year Check and Troubleshoot Flowchart

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

1) Check the Target Browser

THIS VIDEO shows all about the Target Browser where you can view your Standards to see if all's well or what needs to be changed.

2) Activate Content Areas

THIS VIDEO shows how to ensure the content areas are active for every school.

3) Existing Content Areas

If a content area has been previously entered into Empower, say, at a different district, we can grab it from there and load it to your instance with the permission of that site's administrator. A non exhaustive list of existing Standards Packages: -Common Core


-Marzano's Critical Concepts -TIE

You can request that we load these in a HelpDesk ticket. In all cases except the Common Core, we will ask for proof of purchase or agreement with the owner's of the IP before we load anything.

4) Standards Entry

THIS VIDEO shows The Standards Editor, the main interface in Empower to create and manage your standards. You can build everything from the group up here right in Empower if you'd like.

We also can do this via a spreadsheet upload. GO HERE to download the file. Don't start on it without watching THIS VIDEO.

5) HelpDesk

Still need help? Contact us at the HelpDesk.

Don't have an account? Contact and he can hook you up.

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