User Accounts: Check & Disseminate

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

1) Check for Users in Empower

There are a few places you can check for users in Empower. Which you use depends on what you're checking for.

The following quick videos quickly show a few methods to check on different data.

The Batch User Tool

For a quick bird's eye view of the users that are in each school site.

The Profile Tools

For a view of more specific information including if emails have synced.

View As User/ Roster

To check if courses have come across

User Account Info Sheets

Useful if you want to export the data to carefully check for gaps.

2) Distributing Accounts

Before inviting company over, make sure you own furniture and the house is clean. In the same way, before you hand out access to Empower, you want to make sure the data that users will expect is in there. This may potentially included Courses, Classes, Emails and Standards. See above to learn how to check for most of those. Once you feel good about things, you will probably want to invite Teachers, Students and Guardians. That order is recommended.

Students and Guardians won't have much to see until Teachers have been in for a bit creating and gathering evidence. Additionally, Students are often the ones best suited to teach their parents how to use the system. This video shows a few ideas about distributing accounts.

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