Updated: Mar 1, 2019

The Short Version:

Empower can be hosted locally or in the cloud. Details for setting up both options are below.

The Full Version:

Local Client Hosting

Minimum server requirements:

These specs are for districts with fewer than 5000 students. Larger districts should inquire about custom configurations.

-Windows 2012 Server

-Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition

-16 Gig Ram

-1.8 GHz dual core processor (quad core recommended)

-500 GB hard drive

Timeline & Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Client is responsible to set up a server with the above minimum specifications.

  2. It is critical to address your district’s policy for backups and redundancy for mission-critical systems.

  3. Client will provide Empower Learning LLC with access to the server by emailing an RDP address, username and password to their Empower Representative

  4. Empower Learning LLC will install the software on the server within 30 days of receipt of access to the server and executed License & Service Agreement.

Granting Empower Access

1. VPN Access

      a. VPN IP

      b. Username and Password OR VPN config file.

      c. VPN client if any custom VPN Server running(optional)

2. RDP access details of Server

      a. Servers IP

      b. Login Credentials (with domain if it's under AD)

      c. Provided user must have Admin access

3. Public Ports Requirements       a. Port 80 and 443 must be open on a firewall. 

      b. Above ports should be mapped to Server where Empower site set up.

Offsite Empower Learning LLC Hosting

Timeline, Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Empower Learning LLC will build and install Empower software on the server within 30 days of receipt of executed License & Service Agreement.

  2. Empower Learning LLC will provide on-going service & support to include backup and system redundancy.

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