Key Stakeholder Roles & Responsibilities

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

The Short Version:

Below are typical outlines of three important roles in Empower's implementation. A main point-person from the district, an IT person, and the Empower representative.

The Full Version:

Organization Empower Coordinator (OEC)

The Client will identify a single point of contact known as the OEC who is the direct liaison to Empower Learning LLC for all matters involving Empower. Often this is a director of curriculum. This individual will develop a strong capacity in the Empower application from a user’s perspective. Additionally, this person should have a strong base of knowledge in the district teaching, learning & curriculum frameworks. Responsibilities include:

Initial Launch Planning

Security & Permissions: Users can be assigned different roles in the system. The OEC is the manager of these permissions with the highest security level, known as Admin.

User Access (all stakeholders): Users will need to be provided the url for Empower as well as a user name and initial password. Once the user has access to their account, they can manage their profile to include changing their personal password. The process for access is different based on whether the organization uses an SIS or not.

  • (SIS) Student Information System: The Empower representative will provide spreadsheets of usernames and passwords for all roles upon request. The OEC will be responsible to disseminate those at their discretion.

  • No SIS: OEC will be responsible for entering each user manually using the Teacher Profile, Staff Profile and Family Manager tool(s).

Curriculum Load: Facilitate the decision process regarding what standards, rubrics, scoring guides, resources and assessment items will be loaded into Empower.

Leveling: A tenant of personalization is meeting the student at their unique point of need. There are several options for leveling with varied degrees of reliability. This is often one of the first steps in transitioning from a time-based to mastery-based system of learning.

Training & Capacity Building: Work with Empower’s representatives to develop a District Implementation Plan based on Empower’s professional development standards.

Implement Internal System of Support: Empower Learning LLC has built into its software a “Plus/Delta” feedback button. When a user leaves feedback through the tool, a screenshot is automatically taken as well as background diagnostics. This information can then be emailed to an email address (designated by the OEC) and managed by the client organization.

  • How it works: User provides feedback through their Empower interface. Empower routes that feedback to the OEC (or designee) email box. OEC/designee responds to the feedback or forwards technical issues to the Empower Learning LLC Help Desk. Help Desk Protocol is initiated.

  • Set-up: Contact your Empower rep or submit a helpdesk ticket.

  • Share internal SOP with all users

Ongoing System Management

Manage curriculum: Organizations typically conduct curricular revisions on a 2-3 year time cycle. Of course, changes may need to be made on an as-needed basis. Caution: Because learning evidence is tied to standards, it is critical that the OEC understand the cause/effect scenarios to revisions and the tools available to facilitate this process.

Manage User Accounts: Occasionally, users will get locked out, forget their password or require additional security access. The OEC (or its assignees) will manage this function.

Additional Support Requests: At times, client will identify a training, software customization or enhancement need. The OEC should contact Empower to discuss options, timeframes and costs.

Manage/Monitor Empower Learning LLC Help Desk: Submit and monitor help desk tickets to Empower Learning LLC (per Table 2.1 below)

Data Analysis & Reporting: Empower has electronic and printable reports. The OEC should familiarize his/herself with this in order to achieve the district’s reporting and data analysis needs.

Organization Information Technology Coordinator (OIT)

Client will identify a single point of contact known as the OIT who is the direct liaison to Empower Learning LLC for all matters involving Server & Data Management. OIT responsibilities include:

Initial Launch Planning

  • The OIT will be responsible for setting up the server hardware, installing needed OS and SQL Server software, providing SSL certificates, and setting the server up on the network so it is accessible by the desired audience.

  • Provide all necessary information to TSC to connect (SIS) Student Information System to Empower.


If the client organization hosts their own server, the OIT will also be responsible for managing backups of critical files including database(s), web application files, user resource files (students uploaded work, task and unit resource files), and create an image of the servers OS and initially installed applications (such as SQL Server, not the Empower application) for rapid recovery in case of failure.

  • Upon request, Empower Learning will provide the exact folders that need to be backed up for the web application and resource files. It is recommended that the web application files are backed up once a week (preferably Saturday evenings at 1AM). Resource files should be backed up on a nightly basis to tape, or by other means available to the district.

  • Empower Learning LLC can provide a utility to backup, zip and relocate (ftp or via unc path) databases. This backup should be performed on a nightly basis.

  • Empower Learning LLC Application and resource backups can be copied over. There is no need to maintain history of backups.

  • A history of database backups should be maintained for a minimum of 30 days.

Empower Learning LLC Contact (TSC)

Empower Learning LLC will assign a direct point of contact to the organization’s OEC and OIT. His or her primary role is to facilitate technical and direct support needs. Responsibilities include:

Initial Launch Planning

  • Contracts & Agreements: Provide direction and support relevant agreements.

  • Project Management: Provide direction and supports for organizational capacity development to OEC & OIT (roles and responsibilities)

  • Facilitate Empower Load on designated server

  • Facilitate designated curriculum install

  • Facilitate the SIS connectivity

  • Provide login information to OEC (for all desired stakeholders from SIS). If no SIS is used, develop capacity of the OEC for internal creation

  • Coordinate Training Support

  • Create Help Desk (Jitbit) account for OEC & OIT management

  • Facilitate the Parking Lot OEC/OIT Link (User Feedback)

Ongoing Management

  • Serve as the liaison between OIC/OIT and Empower Learning LLC.

  • Manage and maintain Help Desk protocols.

  • Facilitate requests and oversee client needs.

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