Managing Parent/Guardian Involvement

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Empower's Guardian Portal is designed to facilitate guardian involvement by informing them in a way that is easily understood and giving them tools to support their student's learning.


Generally parents want to know "How is my kid doing?" And that may mean slightly different things to different learning communities. Therefore, there are some options regarding how Empower's parent portal is set up. The first being the page parents are shown when they first log in. There are 2 options:

Option 1) The Online Progress Report as Parent Portal

-Watch a video -Dig in deeper with an annotated screenshot

Option 2) The Student Portal as Parent Portal (Default & Recommended)

-Watch a video -Dig in deeper with an annotated screenshot


Admin users can adjust permissions and access to messaging and polls for different users and stakeholders.

-Watch a video

All stakeholders have the ability to use the messaging tools according to the settings determined above. -Watch a video

Push Notifications

It is possible for Empower to email parents about missing student work. If you would like this feature, let us know in the helpdesk.


If Empower is connected to your SIS, then you may find that your guardian accounts are already present. If not, you can create them from scratch.

Create New Accounts

-Watch a video

Manage Existing Accounts

Edit accounts and check or change passwords -Video Check and change many accounts, usernames and passwords as a batch. -Video

Distribute Login Information

Use the Guardian Account Login Sheets Tool to run print-offs to distribute to parents. -Video

Guardian Tutorial

We have brief tutorials for each of the online portals. Feel free to share the appropriate one with your guardians based on the portal you are using.



Are teachers putting in the correct data? Use the Annotated Screenshots (Progress Report) (Student Portal) to determine where the data comes from and make sure teachers are doing their part in a timely manner.

Guardian Activity

Are guardians logging in? Who is and isn't? How often? Run the Guardian Activity report to find out. Find it in the Progress Report Tool



Pick the report(s) that you would like to print to send home with students. Request by name in the helpdesk that it be added to your site. You might also request that other reports be turned off so as not to create confusion.

Readiness to Report

Different reports have different data that drives them. This flow chart will help you determine if you are ready to report or not.

Pro Tip: It is always wise to run a few test reports a few weeks before you want to put them in backpacks. That way if there is anything amiss, there is time to get everything perfect.


All that's left is to print the reports. Remember that printing too many at once can be asking a lot of Empower, it's a lot of data to generate all at once. We recommend printing in batches of no more than 100 at a time. You might also consider printing when school is not in session so that users don't experience any slow-down. -Watch a video

Conferences with Empower

In this article, we have outlined some helpful strategies to incorporate Empower into your conferencing.

-Go to the article

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