Online Progress Report (annotated)

Updated: May 7, 2019

1) Learner Performance Lvl

This is the student's developmental level or grade level

2) Reporting Period

This determines the period of time for which data is being shown. This can be toggled by the parent to other periods which have been created by the Empower Administrators. Learn how to create them in THIS VIDEO.

3) School Name

The name of the school the student attends. If you are connected to your Student Information System (SIS), then this will come from there automatically. You can view details of it in the Site Admin Tool -WATCH VIDEO- and, if this data is not driven by your SIS, then you can edit it here. If you are syncing from the SIS, do not edit information in this tool, edit it directly in the SIS and Empower will update with the changes overnight.

4) Class/ Content Area Name

The Online Progress Report can be organized by class/group or by content area. Each school at the district can decide which they prefer. Changes can be requested via the Helpdesk

5) Pace Score

There are a few ways pace can be set to calculate in Empower, including being manually set. Learn more about Pace in THIS ARTICLE.

6) Summative Standard Score

Learn about summative scoring in THIS VIDEO

7) Logo

To have your district logo show up here, give us the image in a helpdesk request.

8) Quick Access ID

Every activity, quiz, and playlist in Empower has a quick access ID assigned to it. By typing that number here, the user will be taken directly to that item.

9) Plus Delta

Empower has built into its software a “Plus/Delta” feedback button. This gives every user a simple way to communicate to the site administrator about their needs or feedback. Please note: This feedback goes to someone local, not to the Empower team. However, if needed, the local administrator can elevate the need to Empower's helpdesk. Learn more in THIS ARTICLE.

10) Target Browser

All stakeholders have the ability in the Target Browser to view the full scope and sequence of standards. Students and Parents will see the student's scores overlaid on top of the standard tiles. ARTICLE


11) Student Home Page

Toggle over to see what the student sees when they log in. Learn More

12) Parent Playlist/Tutorial

Here Empower can link guardians to useful resources. By default this will show the Progress Report Tutorial, but some schools go so far as to design a playlist for guardians to interact with and learn how to advocate for their learner, the principles of CBE, etc.. If you are interested in creating such a playlist to link here, contact us.

13) Print Progress Report

Some of Empower's printable reports can save settings and be designated to print here when this button is pressed by guardians, giving them an on-demand progress report. Only one report and settings can be saved in this manner per district.

In the Progress Report Printer, when selecting settings to print a report, look for "Save this configuration for guardian printing."

Note: Not all reports have this option.

14) Evidence

Here users can open the student's portfolio of work for this standard and see the evidence that underlies this score. These evidence may be

Quick Evidence or

Quizzes or Activities

and scored in the Evidence Gradebook.

15) Scoring Legend

Your scale and the language that describes it can go here. Give us the exact language in a helpdesk ticket and we will make it so.

16) Need Help?

Tons of great resources here for all users. VIDEO

17) Notepad

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