Updated: Sep 20, 2018

The Short Version

Empower has built into its software a “Plus/Delta” feedback button. This gives every user a simple way to communicate to the site administrator about their needs or feedback. Please note: This feedback goes to someone local, not to the Empower team. However, if needed, the local administrator can elevate the need to Empower's helpdesk.

The Full Version

This environment provides users a process to provide critical user feedback on:

  1. What is going well,

  2. Report technical issues,

  3. Ask Questions/Request Support,

  4. Share a great idea.

The local site administrator (or his/her assignees) should monitor feedback and respond as appropriate directly to the user. Technical issues in the form of “bugs” are elevated to the Empower Help Desk for remedy.

Set up

Plus/Delta is not set up by default. To wire it up, the district will need to submit a helpdesk ticket to Empower letting us know the details of the email to which submissions will be routed.

Fill out and post the following information to the helpdesk request:

Email address where you want to send the feedback: SMTP Address: SMTP Port: Use SSL? (yes, no): User Name of account to authenticate within SMTP: Password of account to authenticate within SMTP:

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