Printable Progress Report Examples

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Because each learning community is different, Empower offers a spectrum of printable reports. Each report has different options, dials you can turn, tweaks you can make. Below are a few examples of what's possible. If you see something you like, simply request that that report be made available on your Empower install. If any of these are close, but you wonder if you can change a certain element, please ask your Empower representative or create a helpdesk ticket, many times this is possible already or quite simple.

Performance Pacing Report (Report15)

This popular report emulates Empower's digital parent portal with its emphasis on pace as a familiar touchstone for guardians. It aims not to overwhelm with details, but lets everyone know, generally, if there is cause for concern or celebration. Teacher comments can be printed on a second page or on the back.

Marzano Academy Performance Report (MarzanoProgress)

The official report of the Marzano Academies. Notice how this report translates the competency scores into familiar letter grades. Apples to oranges in a sense, but it offers parents a familiar, if rough, metric. Visually, student progress is shown with the dark and light bars beside the descriptions. Notice how both colors are used to show new progress on page 2.

Performance by Course (Report13)

This report breaks the standards up into courses and gives a few overall course metrics at the bottom of each block. Notice the comments and the behavior metrics this district chose.

Performance by Standard (Report12)

Similar to the above as far as showing the standard descriptions, the difference on this report is that it is not subdivided by courses, but rather by topics.

Performance by Topic

This report was designed as a kind of compromise between too much information and not enough. It aggregates the scores from standards and displays the topic scores instead of each individual standard or an entire content area.

Empower Transcript Front (Report14)

This transcript was pulled from Empower data. Notice the familiar metrics such as GPA, honors, credits, course scores, etc..

Empower Transcript Reverse

The back side of the Empower Transcript allows us to give a much more holistic picture of the learner by showing particular areas of interest and expertise.

MCCL Report Package

The Maine Cohort has curated a set of reports which are optimized for their schools. Ask for this as the "MCCL report update.)

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