South Dakota Infinite Campus SIS & Empower LMS Integration SOP

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

The Short Version:

1) IC provides your district a read only user name and password to connect to your districts SIS data.

2) The IC database can only be accessed by a server within your district and that servers IP address must be white listed so only that one IP address can make the connection to IC with the user name and password from step 1.

3) From your white listed server Empower would set up a scheduled task to download SIS data from the IC connection in step 2 and securely send it to the Empower Server.

The Full Version:

SOP: Third Party ODBC access to the individual District database.

  1. District IC Support Person: Make a Third Party ODBC Access request by creating a case submission in community campus. Then the forms will be sent by IC to the parties via Adobe Sign for signature. Include signee contact information for the District Superintendent and Empower Officer (Ben Hartlieb,

  2. District Superintendent and Empower (Vendor): Sign agreement via Adobe Sign allowing for a “unique and secure connection to be created”. This agreement allows for the vendor specific ODBC account to have a unique name so if there are issues with the connection (performance degradation or the like), Managed Services is able to disable the connection until the issue is resolved.

  3. Client Responsibilities: A valid connection must be established between IC and District before Empower can extract data. Important: this is a critical step and needs diligence in expediting on the District end.

  4. Empower Responsibilities: Once a valid ODBC connection is made between District and IC, we can set up a utility to export the data. Typically this will take up to 3 business days.

  5. Several Firewalls exist so troubleshooting the actual connection may require collaboration with the State of SD K-12 Data Center & Empower. Point of Contact is Jon Bonner,

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