Working Collaboratively

The Short Version

Empower allows you to share just about everything with colleagues. Add them to your group as a co-teacher, co-create resources, share resources you've created with others, or search for things you can use in your district's database..

The Full Version


It is easy to add a fellow educator to your group as a co-teacher.

Note: This cannot be done for "classes," that is, groups created by the district. You can only add a co-teacher to a group which you created or have rights over.

To do this, go to the group editor either by creating a new group or editing an existing one.

Look for the option that says Would you like to add more group leaders? Check yes and then find and select the person you'd like to include in this group and an instructor. This person will be able to use your gradebooks, give scores, assign and unassign activities etc..

Sharing, Co-Creating & Assigning

Almost everything in Empower can be shared. Look for the blue button in the upper right-hand corner of the editor you're working in.

Who can access?

In the Share settings you can set who can access this item in order to assign or edit it. This will make it findable when they search for resources. Be careful not to clutter the database if your item isn't really something anyone else will find valuable. Also, be aware that you don't want students to be able to access things like assessments most of the time.

You can keep it private, share it with only teachers, or share it with anyone including learners and guardians.

These people will not be able to edit your playlist, but they will be able to make a copy of their own to edit or they can simply assign it as is.

Who can edit?

If you want to grant a specific user edit rights, you can begin typing their first or last name into the Add people box and then select them from the options that appear.

To remove their rights, simply click the red x next to their name.


There are two places you will encounter the option to search for items. One is on the Instruction tab where you can click the magnifying glass.

The other is when you create something new in the instruction tab, Empower will ask if you're wanting to create from scratch or find something existing.

In either case, you can search based on keywords, Quick Access ID or based on the learning to which the content is aligned.

Quick Access ID

A number in blue like this is a quick access ID. When users are searching, they have an option to search using this number. This will take them straight to the specific resource so there's no confusion.


Assign Orignal

Keeps you in sync with the original author(s) changes. When changes are made by the author(s), they will immediately show up in your class as well.

Assign a Copy

Will create a copy for you to change as you desire. Your changes will NOT modify the original. If changes are made to the original it will not affect your copy.

Click the group(s) you want to assign...

Here you see a list of all of your classes and groups. Simply click on any of them and this will be assigned to that class/group with the assign and due dates you have selected.

To unassign it from any of them, click the x next to their name.

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