Quick Guide for Teaching Remotely

Schools may be closed, but learning is open!
Empower is already set up for remote learning. You can be too.

Take a "Teaching Remotely"

 Self-Assessment Now

Create Your Online Classroom
Deploy your meeting app, online SOP’s for office hours, one-on-one support, small groups, and whole classes. 
Virtual Learning Plans
Unit plan playlist allowing learners to know
“Where am I? Where am I going? How will I get there?”
Group Based on Need
Monitor needs, groupings and performance within the unit playlist. Integrate blended learning options/choice.
Establish Learning Expectation
Revisit class and individual learning goals. 
School is closed, learning is open! 
Inspire Virtual Collaboration
Re-establish a community of learners.  Utilize activity messaging for peer-to-peer  collaboration and support.
Manage Student Work
Implement turn in tools, formative feedback, scoring seamlessly through the student activity locker
Monitor Pace
Maintain learning accountability, both class and individual, through the Empower Pacing Tools

Take a Remote Learning Self-Assessment Now

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