Competency-Based Scoring.

Anytime, anywhere learning happens, everything should be aligned to your standards. 

Empower's gradebook is simple to learn and a powerful part of your toolbox,

wherever you are in your competency-based learning journey.

Quit Averaging

The Marzano True Score Estimator uses four decades of research to analyze each students' learning in each learning target and suggest accurate, data-driven summative scores. 

The tools for your schools.

Empower is a full-blown LMS and gradebook, with dynamic

instructional design tools and powerful reporting and analytics. 


Manage student progress. Work collaboratively to create instruction, assessments and units that allow student's choice.


Anytime, anywhere learning happens, easily record it and align it to your standards then calculate data-driven summative scores.


View high-level data or drill down to specifics. Print progress reports and even transcripts from our templates. 

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