Empower puts the student at the center

Two beliefs are at the heart of everything we do:

1) All students can learn

2)They learn in different ways and at different rates.


Unprecedented access to infromation gives learners ownership of their learning. 

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Set learning loose by empowering students with the tools to diagnose, monitor and even create their own learning. 


Students can complete units and assignments created and facilitated by their teachers.

They also have the tools to diagnose their own learning needs and create evidences based on their interests and learning styles

Messaging & Social Learning

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Voice & Choice

Evidence Portfolio

Automated Pacing

Course Credit Monitoring

Remote Learning

Behavior Metrics

Digital Assessments

Google Drive Integration

Collaborative Tools

Student Profile

Student-Created Activities

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Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Course Progress

Portals & Solutions for all stakeholders

  • Curriculum Creation & Management

  • Data Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Goal Setting

  • Observation & Evaluation

  • Data Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Goal Setting

  • Observation & Evaluation

  • Parent Communication

  • Scoring Tools

  • Instructional Design

  • Student Management

  • Parent Communication

  • Learning Management

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Teacher Communication

  • Real-Time Data

  • Teacher Communication

  • Push Updates

  • Behavior Monitoring

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